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The computer controlled Diaco PLC 400 Infrared Bridge Saw used for granite countertop fabrication now available for only $29,500*, and leasing agreements are available.

DIACO LLC,, Call 1-706-988-8501

A new affordable Bridge Saw, the Diaco PLC 400 Infrared Bridge Saw, used for granite countertop fabrication or other stone cutting, is now available starting in low $30’s. This is not a stripped down manual bridge saw, but a fully computer controlled bridge saw that is made to last, making the Diaco Innovations Infrared Bridge Saw one the most versatile cutting machines you can put in your shop for the money. The bridge saw is controlled by microcomputer for fully automatic operations, and has a liquid crystal touch screen for easy operator interface. The PLC 400 also comes with a wired remote control to allow operator to stand next to work piece during setup, and a laser cutting guide. These standard features allow faster setup and easier operator interface.

This PLC400 Infrared Bridge Saw is constructed from cast iron for the highest quality and best stability of any machine of its size on the market. The main beam has been machined to perfect tolerances to give it extremely straight cuts, while absorbing any minor vibrations during normal use. The saw head has a hydraulic locking unit to insure precise cut alignment and the gears run in a sealed bath of oil for continuous lubrication. A laser cutting guide on the saw facilitates quick setup and ease of operation. An optional tilting head is available for additional cost.

The tilting turntable can tilt at 85 degrees to load slabs and rotates 360 degrees automatically with stopping points at 45,80,120,180,220,270,330 and 360 degrees. The table is available with three different surfaces; wood tabletop surface, concrete surface, or concrete & plastic mixture surface. The third option of the concrete & plastic mixture lasts longer than wood or concrete, helps prevent slabs from cracking, and causes less wear on saw blades.

This Bridge Saw can be ordered with several base frame options to suit your particular need. Frame options include mounts for adapting to a concrete base, prefabricated steel walls or a steel mono-frame. Saws with the mono-frame have the hydraulic units inside the frame instead of a separate unit for a cleaner installation and safer operation.

This machine is offered only through DIACO LLC, phone 1-866-503-4226. Call today for lease or purchase options.

*Prices subject to change.


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