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Homeowners have a wide range of features that they would like to add to their kitchen; new countertops tops the want list., a leading home remodeling resource for homeowners providing a trusted connection between homeowners and local kitchen contractors say that National research has indicated that a kitchen remodel can earn you between 70 and 85% return on investment, AND, kitchen remodels costing less than $15,000 can earn upward of 99% return!

Most homes, especially older homes, have Formica countertops.  They are cheap and easy to install by contractors building multiple homes, and are still installed even in more expensive homes. Naturally the first thing that starts looking old and out dated will be those same old countertops.  What are the alternatives?  Granite and Quartz are the obvious choices but Wood Butcher Block type countertops are often a beautiful choice.

Most often, Granite Countertops are the first choice.  If you have the budget, slab granite countertops are the best and most beautiful.  While expensive, they add the most value to your home. 

A Granite tile countertop is an alternative, but they do not add nearly as much value and the seams, especially if done by the do-it-yourselfer can detract from the beauty.  The grout can be the real killer over time if not constantly sealed.

Quarts countertops are made from granite and synthetic bonding agents, whose quality is so good, that most people don’t know it is quartz instead of slab granite.  Brands include Dupont Zodiaq, SileStone, CaesarStone and others.  All of these are about the same except for the available colors in each brand.

Wood countertops are beautiful but very expensive.  Boos Classic Butcher Block Counter Tops are made of hard maple.   Th countertops come with the durability and quality that John Boos and Co. has been bringing to the market for more than 117 years. If you want something different, a different look, different feel, different from all your friends, look at John Boos Wood countertops.  More wood countertop info here.

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