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Polished Concrete Floor


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I was able to tour the nine  Atlanta Street of Dreams show homes situated in Tributary at New Manchester, a 1,475-acre master-planned community close to downtown Atlanta off I-20 West, south of Douglasville, GA. The homes showcased the latest trends in residential construction, granite countertops, interior design, architecture, technology, and landscaping. The homes will range from 2,200 to 8,000 square feet in size and be priced up to $1.8 Mil +. This was the widest range of home sizes and prices ever included in a Street of Dreams, and should have broad appeal to show attendees.

My wife wanted to see everything about the beautiful homes, but I was most interested in the granite countertops, outdoor kitchens, polished concrete floors, and use of stone throughout the house. 

I was not disappointed and found great uses of stone.  I expected beautiful granite countertops, but was surprised to find wall stone and paving stone used extensively in a variety of ways.  The stone was used in almost every patio and porch and many walls and fireplaces in the homes and outside.  Look at the huge stone fire place in the photo above.  Makes you want fall to come early!  Another first for me was travertine tile and wood used together on a kitchen floor.  A beautiful travertine design lay behind almost every stovetop and and complement every kitchen.  Several home featured polished and stained concrete in the basements and garages.

If you are looking for home design and upgrade ideas, the Atlanta Street of Dreams home show is the place to go.  Get directions, more photos and more information at the links above

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