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Granite Countertop Slabs For Atlanta, North Georgia & South Carolina  From SLABCO Marble & Granite

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New Granite Slabs Every Week

SLABCO Marble & Granite, Georgia’s premiere granite countertop slab source, has a great web site featuring granite countertop slabs, marble slabs, travertine slabs and onyx slabs for Georgia’s & South Carolina’s granite kitchen countertop industry. SLABCO Marble & Granite is an importer and distributor of granite slabs for granite countertops, marble slabs, travertine slabs and onyx slabs. Today there are more choices of granite countertop colors than ever before, and SLABCO Marble & Granite has over a hundred different granite colors in stock. They stock thousands of granite slabs to ensure you get quality kitchen countertop stone at a competitive price. If you are looking for beautiful granite countertop slabs with an almost endless number of granite colors, then SLABCO Marble & Granite is one of the best sources in the Southeast United States. SLABCO has two locations in Elberton, Georgia and Greenville, South Carolina.

Granite Countertops Are Atlanta’s First Choice

Granite countertops ranks very close to the top of home upgrades in Atlanta, North Georgia & South Carolina. Granite’s rich colors, unique patterns and strength make it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops and bath vanities, as well as other uses in the home. Granite countertops are low maintenance, and each granite slab has its own mineral make up that creates beautiful colors and patterns. Although there are other manmade materials available, granite is still the most popular countertop material in Atlanta, and the one all other countertop material tries to emulate. Ask any Atlanta real estate agent and they will tell you that beautiful granite countertops are one of the best kitchen remodeling choices you can make because granite countertops hold their value for years to come. Every home in the famous Atlanta Street of Dreams home show featured granite countertops with travertine tile accents and many with travertine floors.

SLABCO Marble & Granite

If you are considering adding granite countertops to your home, I strongly suggest you consider SLABCO Marble & Granite as your source for granite countertop slabs. You can visit their web site at  and see photos of slabs on hand, or stop by the warehouse at 1821 Lexington Hwy, Elberton, Georgia, 30635. Phone 706-213-1255. If you are located near Greenville, South Carolina, you can visit SLABCO’s newest location 925 Hwy 25 North, Travelers Roost, South Carolina. To see granite slabs and marble slabs located in the South Carolina warehouse, visit .

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