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Trend Stone uses the latest technologies to combine with a selection of the world's finest natural stone, granite and quartz to produce a brilliantly engineered surface. Trend Stone is flexible, resistant to wear and chemical agents, light weight, non- absorbent and frost resistant. It’s heat, stain, and scratch resistant too, making it the perfect surface for kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, shower walls, tub surrounds floors and fireplaces.

Trend Stone can be used over most new or existing surfaces, and can be installed directly on top of your existing countertops. The flexibility and lightweight nature of Trend Stone is designed for quick and easy installation and can be fitted to curved surfaces up to a 30 inch radius. Manufactured using approximately 95% natural stone combined with a specially formulated polymer in slab sizes of 121 inches X 49 inches and a inch in thickness, Trend Stone easily accommodates many architectural and commercial applications.
Trend Stone is perfect for kitchen counters and back splashes; bathroom vanities, walls and showers; traditional flooring, even laid on top of external floors; internal and external wall coverings; and curved surfaces.

Uses & Applications:

Granite Transformations' unique product line is used by individual homeowners, commercial and domestic interior designers, architects, builders and developers.

Some of the varied residential applications include kitchen countertops, backsplash, and kickplates, as well as bathroom wall cladding, shower areas, vanity tops, fireplaces and floor tiles.

Commercial Applications include reception areas, entry foyers, lobbies, restroom areas, bar tops, tables, boardroom tables and retail shops, as well as hotel and motel lobbies, guest rooms, investment properties, retirement villages, and entertainment facilities. Our revolutionary products allow for quick and easy installation resulting in a fast turnaround and less disruption to customers and guests.

Some things really are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our certified personnel carefully measure your existing surfaces and build a template to get every detail correct.

Your new countertops are fabricated in our shop so that none of the time-consuming mess occurs in your home. On installation day, we bring them finished and ready to install.

In just a day or two, your beautiful new countertops are fitted into place and glued directly on top of your old ones. Instant new kitchen—with no demolition and no downtime!

A Granite Transformation to a standard size kitchen countertop and backsplash should take approximately 1 to 2 days. Because there is usually no demolition involved, there is minimal disruption and mess.

It literally is a countertop that fits on top. A fusion of some of the world's finest granites, combined with advanced manufacturing skills, produces a lightweight, strong, durable, rock-hard surface.

From kitchens to bathrooms, fireplaces to bars, granite can add that sleek sophisticated look. The experts at Granite Transformations can do it for you in a way that makes sense and saves dollars.

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