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Website Development - More Than A Pretty Design


    Website Development Includes

    Presenting Your Business to the World
    Understanding How A Successful Website Will Change Your Business
    Branding Your Company
    Designing A Website That Properly Represents Your Company
    Building A Social Media Program For Your Business
    Plan For Success

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Expand your company from your local community  to the entire world. Many of our clients have experienced tremendous growth using E-commerce on-line sales or professionally designed information websites. You don’t have to pay those expensive monthly credit card processing fees to have an E-commerce  business.  Call us today and we will show you how to have an on-line store and skip those monthly fees.   A professional presence on the Internet is critical to be competitive in today's business world.  Every company and organization needs a presence on the web and CLC Web Designs can help you regardless of your size-- some at no cost at all.

Our Website approach is to deliver quality website development that accomplishes your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. We take special care to make sure your website is built correctly. We are particularly careful to build websites that are search engine friendly. What good is a web design that can't be found by the major search engines? CLC Web Designs wants your business not only to succeed but to exceed every expectation. That is the reason 90% of our business is referred to us by current clients.

Need help with your website? If your great looking website was designed your teenage son or a close friend, and you are wondering why you are not getting enough traffic, call us for help.  We do not charge you an arm and a leg to get your site optimized and listed on the search engines. We can get you listed on the top search engines by more than just your name.

CLC Web Designs creates custom websites that meet your goals.  We will work with you to develop a site that will give your business the exposure it needs. Phone 770-725-6786.



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